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Tharu Commission is provided for in Part 27, Article 263 of the Constitution of Nepal.

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Tharu Commission Introduction

Tharu Commission is provided for in Part 27, Article 263 of the Constitution of Nepal. The Tharu Commission Act, 2074 has been enacted by the Legislature Parliament to regulate the qualifications of the chairman and members of the Tharu Commission, the condition of vacancies, remuneration and service conditions and the work duties and rights of the Commission. 

In the preamble of the act, it is mentioned that the act has been made to recognize the history and culture of the Tharu community, to protect and promote their rights and interests and to empower the Tharu community. 

The Tharu Commission is a constitutional commission which basically makes recommendations and suggestions to the Government of Nepal for Tharu-related policy making, reviews, monitors and evaluates government-run policies and programs and conducts awareness programs for the empowerment of the community. 

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Hon'ble Bishnu Prasad Chaudhary
Hon'ble Subodh Singh Tharu
Hon'ble Bholaram Chaudhary
Hon'ble Dr. Umashankar Prasad Chaudhary
Hon'ble Shanti Modi

Krishnakant Upadhyaya
Ghanshyam Upadhyaya
Pran Mehata
Infomation Officer

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